May 18, 2010

un om care deseneaza

drawing by me - the painter's dream

am fost intrebat azi, ce sunt? dincolo de o pregatire profesionala, am gandit raspunsul - primul sentiment, primul gand, primul impuls de a raspunde: sunt un om care deseneaza. nu ma simt nimic altceva, poate n-am fost nimic altceva niciodata - totul doar o amanare pana in acest punct. ce-am invatat? am aflat lucruri, am vazut locuri si am intalnit cativa oameni. totul ca sa ajung sa spun acum ceea ce simt: sunt un om care deseneaza.
fie ca o fac cu un creion si o bucata de hartie, fie ca o fac in timp ce scriu - desenand povesti sau idei din cuvinte si virgule, cu ceva puncte de suspensie agatate... fie ca o fac intr-o mangaiere a unei fete dragi, dimineata, sau intr-o propozitie aruncata aproape soptit catre cel ce ma asculta; fie ca o fac cu o pensula si noile culori pe care inca nu le inteleg complet - acrylice, de tot felul, care 3D care fosforescente sau cu tente vechi si noi, reinventate, recalculate incat totul sa fie la indemana; fie ca o fac, asa cum imi place cel mai mult, cu o coala alba curata si cu un pix negru - din care se pot naste lumi - lumi pe care inca nu le-am vazut dar le banuiesc, lumi ale mele pentru ceilalti.
sunt un om care se regaseste printre liniile pe care le lasa pe o pagina virgina.
da-mi un servetel si un pix si iti dau un prieten.
da-mi o penita si un carton si iti dau o oglinda a ce va fi.
da-mi-te si te desenez - caci asa pot iubi cel mai mult, ca asa stiu a iubi, caci asa iubesc - desenand.

poate voi mai fi intrebat ce sunt, cu cine stie cate atributii premergatoare intrebarii sau cautate dincolo de propriul raspuns. oriunde si oricand, de acum inainte, doar astfel voi raspunde: sunt un om, care deseneaza...

atat de om, incat imi regasesc trufia in dorinta sa va placa.

May 13, 2010

to hope

photo by me - sibiu

to hope than no dreaming

Utopian lines to be drawn instead of an empty page
to be blinded by the light than crush in slithered darkness
thunderous singing while silence is watching
a small boat on a ravishing storm than a wreck in paradise
running without breath in-front of statues
be-soiled in the gutter of the world than clean in still palace
the finder of Pandora's box.

to hope.

May 12, 2010

there is a God and He's laughing

photo by me - from sibiu's tower

sometimes you encounter people that remind you about Him, about why you are here, what you really are and what you have to do while living. sometimes all seems so simple, plain and so easy to do-to it get done-to understand-to feel-to live. sometimes life reveals it's simplicity in a brief moment - you just have to be careful not to miss it... and listen to everything around you, please, messengers come and go all the time.

all it takes is a sunrise
to wake up.
a warm "welcome" surrounds you,
as everything has been waiting for you
to get to this particular moment. 
suddenly the world is so simple,
full of meaning
you guess, you understand, you know
as you had known all this time
not knowing.

all it takes is a sunrise
to simple up your being here,
what to do
and what has to be done.

all it takes is a sunrise
for all to be just answers.
and if you let yourself live
you might be lucky enough
to hear Him laugh...

there is a God
and He's laughing...
laugh along

May 11, 2010

we have all the time in the world

"We have all the time in the world

Time enough for life
To unfold
All the prescious things
Love has in store"

                         Louis Armstrong

bring it on Mr. trumpeter,
tell it to the world...
give us a smile, as you so often do,
look to us gently and wise
sing us some more...

you've seen it
in your soft wonderings
and put it in your docil tone,
the wonder of the world

so please be gentle one more try
of your established kindness
'cause there's so much you still need to teach us
of beeing good
and of the good.

you do tell it so well,
n'est pas?
c'est si bon...

May 8, 2010

question 30

can anyone tell me what i should do,
why have i come here
thirty years ago,
when i was born?

what was i thinking, coming here with a plan forgotten as soon as my first breath?
what's the purpose? what do i have to do? how do i have to live?
what more do i have to learn, and talking about that, so what's the lesson for this life?

i guess i know the answer, deep inside, but i don't know how to get to it.
i think i'll just have to live...